Spring & Travel on Your Wall!

Minty Green loves Coral!

Minty Green loves Coral!

WELCOME TO MY FIRST POST! Today, I’m beginning a journey of chic design-loves-home decor, and I’d like to take you along!
Got your bags ready? Here we go…

We all have a wall in our house to which we look up. Well, quite literally, today’s project is going to give you a hefty reason to.
We’re going to dress up your favourite wall. Yes, the one that grabs the glimpse of your eye throughout the day.

STEP 1: Look out for pictures of your travel (or to-do travel destinations). These could be buildings/ gardens/ transit modes/ landscape. [We shall call these subjects]


280320132342 abu_dhabi

STEP 2: Arrange these pictures on your desk in a series that’s important to you, and paste them to the desk using scotch tape.
[Note- Try to keep the heights of buildings relative to each other]

STEP 3: Now using tracing sheet/ butter paper, carefully trace out the outline of your subjects with a pencil.



STEP 4: Remove the tracing sheet and join the lines between the subjects.

STEP 5: Great, now you have a stencil of your travel inspiration! Scan the stencil onto your computer. [NOTE- if you do not have access to a scanner, simply lay the stencil on your desk and click a photo from directly above it.]

STEP 6: You can resize this scan on the computer to the width of your wall. In my case, I created an image 10 feet wide, approx. 3 metres.

STEP 7: Print out the image on a large format printer in black and white. Although a quicker and cheaper way is using your own desktop printer for tiles which can be arranged together…

large print- black and white

large print- black and white

STEP 8: Now neatly cut out the subjects from your large size print, keeping the background continuous.

STEP 9: Like painting your own wall? This step’s for you!

Paint the first coat in MINT GREEN– using a roller brush. NO TEXTURES PLEASE!! Remember, any dramatic accent could turn your wall messy… Repeat the same for the second coat. [Ahem, do let the first coat dry up thoroughly before the next one, or else, your inspirational wall will carry marks of impatience throughout its lifetime 😉 ]

STEP 10: FINAL Step, yay!! Paste your full size stencil on the green wall using Masking tape.

stencil on mint wall

stencil on mint wall

masking tape

masking tape

[NOTE- any other variety of tape can take the green paint away with itself, when removed!]

Now paint the remaining portion of the wall in bright and bubbly Coral.
Repeat for a neat second coat and Tada- you have an inspiringly chic wall to tell tales of your adventures!

There you go!

There you go!


About Ayesha Maniktala

I'm an architect living in New Delhi, India. And I love to glam up everything that comes my way! I'm a perfectionist by nature and need something to work upon- always :)

One response to “Spring & Travel on Your Wall!

  1. charanjeet singh

    Hey dat was super, so simple but yet so intresting.
    I never seen things dat way……so impresive will wait for ur nxt blog….all d best…..
    tak care…

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